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Relaxing program
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Enjoy your dental tour!


In case of demands we organise enjoyable program.

Between the dental treatments You and Your accompanist can have a relaxing program.

We offer program that could enhance the stressless and painless dental therpay.


1. Relaxing massage

You can choose of several types of massage therapy in the Dental Clinic's own massage center.

You can relax before or after dental therpy.

We can accomplish massage therapy whith MRS treatment. MRS therapy stimulating your organic self-healing  mechanisms, can facilitate the healing of dental therpay, such as dental implantation or root canal treatments. It has also  painreducting and stressreducting relaxing function.


2. Széchenyi Bath and Spa

Széchenyi Bath and Spa is the city of spas. This is one of the largest bathing complexes in Europe and the premier medicinal bath of Pest. It's thermal springs are the deepest and hottest in the Capital, so that also the open-air section swimming pools are equally popular in the winter season. It is famous also about it's representative  yellow building, which has eclectic neo-baroc style.

Széchenyi Bath and Spa is 10 minutes from the Dental Clinic!


3. Synergia beauty and bodyshape

Near the Clinic there is our partner beauty salon, which offer several types of beauty and bodyshaping treatments.


4. New frissure by Revlon Beauty Salon

Very close to the Clinic there is a Revlon Beauty Salon, where you can get a new frissure.


4. Golf above the City

We can recommend to the lovers of golf the Academy Golf Club.


5. Aquaworld

Amazing Adventure Bath Park a few km far from our Clinic.




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Relaxing Program


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