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Expat Dental Card Registration

Dental card for expats in Hungary

’Expat’s dental card’

For your healthy teeth and beautiful smile
With premium service and discount

You have the opportunity to join free of charge to the BalanceMED3 ’Expat’s dental card’ program until 31th December 2012. You could receive your Card personally at our clinic. After the deadline 31th December you are asked to pay a deposit of 5 Euro by your first visit which we are going to credit from the price of your first treatment.

The extra deluxe services that we are offering:

  • Constant discount of 10% from the list price.*
  • Add on discount for every sales we offer at our website and newsletters, thus you would get extra discount of 5%, so thus you may get in all discount of 15-30%**
  • There are some extra packages only for Expat card owners:
  • - 20% for your children’s preventive treatments (fissure closure).
  • Dental focal symptom screening twice a year free of charge.
  • The consultation, dental treatment plan and price offer are free of charge.
  • You will get up to date information about our current promotions.
  • If you want we will send you dental screening reminders
  • We use a fixed 280€/Ft exchange rate if you would like to pay in Forint ***

* Except Incognito and Invisalign applications.
** Except Incognito and Invisalign applications.
*** Rates are subject to alteration without notice. Please ask the receptionist about the current exchange rate. "

*I accept the terms of ’Expat’s dental card’.
*I accept to be added as a friend of BalanceMED3 clinic via Facebook.

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1142 Budapest

Tengerszem utca 2/A


Tel.: +36 1 780 01 20


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